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Hello There,

My name is Jochen, but you can call me J.
I have been using the internet since the days of dial-up connections, Altavista Search and Netscape Navigator. For years I have seen websites built by successful entrepreneurs, websites that are generating income and revenue for their owners. People make money on YouTube and Facebook, or by sharing images on instagram. I have seen people come and go that have had quite an income by selling ebooks. The list goes on and there are hundreds of ways to make money online.

Beginning the Experiment

So I was thinking: “why not do a little experiment?”

How hard would it be to generate income from an online source? I want to try that, and see if I can ‘get rich’ by following all the tips, tutorials and videos found all over the web. On this website I will document the steps I take and the results I get from it, so anyone can easily replicate and learn from my mistakes. Let’s start this journey!

Defining 'Getting Rich'

I know the name of this website is the ‘Get Rich Experiment’ but my main goal is to generate enough income for me to quit my day job. If I can make more, all the better. I don’t have any illusions about this, I know it won’t be easy to generate enough income but I also believe it’s best to set goals. I’m not going to put a figure on it yet, simply because I haven’t figured out how taxes would be calculated and how much I will be spending on keeping the site ‘alive’. My best bet is it will be somewhere between $ 2,000 and $ 5,000 per month.